Welcome to E&J Slime Factory! We currently only ship to the USA.
Welcome to E&J Slime Factory! We currently only ship to the USA.
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What is E&J Slime Factory

Who doesn’t love slime?!

It’s soft, gooey, and is oh-so-calming.

There is something so satisfying about playing with slime – the texture, the sound, and how it oozes between your fingers.

Most importantly, slime provides sensory play that can help in developing the motor skills of your kids. It is also a way to enhance the creativity of the children and a fun way to teach them about science.

E&J Slime Factory is owned by a husband and wife duo, Evelyn and Jonathan, who are absolute slime enthusiasts.

If you are one of those parents who has banned slime in the house, believing it is unsafe, then you have nothing to fear. E&J Slime Factory offers non-toxic slime products, including slime activator and glue. We only use soap scents in the slime so that it is safe on skin and doesn’t result in any allergic reactions.

Moreover, we are also aiming to incorporate non-toxic ingredients in all of our products to make it completely safe for the kids and even the parents to enjoy hours of slime fun!

Our Story

What can we say, we love slime!

But we admit this wasn’t the case from the start. Evelyn, my wife, has always had a knack for handling children and forming a bond with them unlike any other, something that found its true roots when she was teaching at an elementary school as a Special Education teacher.

Turns out, out of all the toys and activities, the joy slime brought into the children’s eyes was something that Evelyn started bringing home with her. The children were happy and the parents were overjoyed. One night she told me about this, explaining how that day she wanted to see the appeal for herself. Before that, she only kept on watching the students and online videos, until that fateful day when she picked up a slime ball (yes, sounds eerie, doesn’t it) and absolutely loved the experience she was having. She told me how much she loved it and the students as well. I didn’t believe her at first. Yeah, it was fun and all, but how could it be that fun, right?

Regardless, she kept playing with it for hours and hours, during her zoom meetings, before sleeping, and even after waking up! She started understanding how therapeutic it was, helping her relieve her anxiety and also relieving boredom at the same time.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been drawing, writing and expressing herself. Creating and playing with slime has been the most therapeutic experience for her since it allows her to tap into her inner child, relieve stress, pass the time, and most importantly: have fun!

And that’s when the idea of E&J Slime Factory came to life.

I (Jonathan), on the other hand, am a Photographer. My goal is to make anything and everything presentable on digital or print media, and when I stumbled upon the world of slime, I was in utter disbelief. It looks disgustingly appealing, feels weirdly satisfying, sounds oddly melodious and yet, is a thing of wonders on camera and in hand.

It’s the uniqueness of the material itself and how it lets your imagination run wild, that piqued my interest. The possibilities are endless with this marvel, and that is more than what a photographer could ever ask for; a new photo op every next day!

When Evelyn and I ultimately started E&J, our main motive was to give children all across [state/country] access to slime, but as we delved deeper into the possibilities, we understood that our main missions weren’t just to provide slimes, but a source of fun and safe products for all!

-E&J Slime Factory (Evelyn & Jonathan)


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