Welcome to E&J Slime Factory! We currently only ship to the USA.
Welcome to E&J Slime Factory! We currently only ship to the USA.
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Create Your Own Full Size Slime!
Create Your Own Full Size Slime!
E&J Slime Factory

Create Your Own Full Size Slime!

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Become a slime artist by making your very own awesome creation by picking the scent, color and any add-ins!

1. Customize your slime 

2. Evelyn & Jonathan will safely handcraft your slime the way you ordered it! 

3. The slime will be sent out in 1-2 business days 
and you can always track your order here

4. Voila! Your very own magical slime creation has arrived! Time to enjoy!


Gift your sense of touch, smell, and sight the wonders of slime!


About the Slime

1. The slime smells amazing! Can I eat it?

NO! We know our slime smells oh-so-delicious, but it is not edible. Please resist the temptation to sneak a taste of the slime. Always, always supervise the kids under the age of seven make sure they don’t eat it.

2. What is the size of the container?

We stuff the slime in an 8 oz adorable container. That’s enough for two people to share!

3. Hold up! I can easily make my own slime with any of the DIY recipes. Why should I purchase from E&J Slime Factory?

Of course, you can make your own slime. Trust us, it is so much fun! But make sure you do it right because it can easily get messed up (yeah, we have been through it). You invest in the materials and put in the time to make the slime only to end up with too sticky or too hard content (Slime can’t be repaired. Yup. We have tried). Not to mention the clean up you’d have to do after the attempt.

Why not leave all that effort and struggle for us? We will create the right slime with your chosen colors and add-ins, and get it delivered right on your door step!

4. Received the slime. Yay! Oh, but how can I prolong its play time?

Unfortunately, slime doesn’t have a long life. This certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to its maximum. All it needs is the right care. Here are some slime care tips:

Always store in its air tight container when you are done playing to prevent it from losing its original form and consistency.
Be sure the container is kept at room temperature.
Wash hands before and after use.
Avoid adding too much borax as it hardens the slime quickly.
Keep it away from the sun.
5. What! Isn’t borax the most common ingredient in the slime?

You got that right. However, it isn’t as important as most people think. Slime naturally starts losing its stickiness and the more borax content is added, the harder the slime gets. Always work the slime through your hands. This way, the more you play, the better it will become.

Our slime isn’t as sticky as the other slime for this reason. However, we can always add in a baggy of borax with your order if you prefer it. Just add in a small note at the checkout.

Ordering Slime

6. How is the slime packed? Do you offer gift wrapping?

The 8 oz air tight container with a grip lid. We toss in a silica packet to prevent moisture from sneaking in while it travels to you. There is also a business card and thank you note tucked in.

For bulk orders, we wrap the containers in bubble wrap to keep them snug or arrange them neatly in a box.

We always love to gift wrap the products. Add a note in the checkout, and we will make sure it arrives in an adorable gift wrapping.

7. Slime makes an amazing giveaway for parties, get together, and other events. Can I order in bulk?

You can surely order our slime in bulk. Whether it is for a birthday party, business venture, or just for a fun family activity around the holidays, we got you covered. For wholesale or bulk orders, you must order a minimum of 50 slime containers.

Do email your retail or wholesale inquiries at, and we will guide you further.

8. I have placed the order for slime. So exciting! Is there any way I can track it?

We send out the orders in 1 to 2 business days, but we know how exciting it can be after you have ordered something online.We like to keep a track on all our orders too, which is why we make sure out customers can also track their orders. Just add in your order number and email id here, and you can keep a check on your order.

Shipping and Return Policy

9. Do you have a return policy? Can I exchange or ask for a refund?

The purchase of our slime is the final sale. Slime is an expendable product, and it starts degrading with time. Therefore, for sanitary and health reasons, we don’t accept exchanges or refunds.

However, if there have been any concerns, do get in touch with us and we will come to a resolution.

10. What is the shopping policy?

We ship everywhere in the USA.


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